Real Faith. Lived Out.

I wrote this post awhile ago, but for some reason left it as a draft and never made it public. I re-read it and decided to post it without changing much of anything. There’s some good stuff here. Good job younger Ben. :

Studying this week from Exodus 19:1-9 for the Bible study on Sunday morning, I was intrigued by the Life Application Bible’s statement under Exodus 19:5.  The application says, “God chose one nation and put it through a rigorous training program, so that one day it could be a channel for his blessings to the whole world.”

When I see this:  Israel was set apart in order to show the world how to properly live in communion with God and was set apart so God could work out His blessings to the whole world, I see a responsibility for each one of us who has been saved through faith in Jesus Christ.

Through the love, compassion, forgiveness, grace, mercy and acceptance of Jesus Christ, we all have the ability to establish a relationship with God. Each of us is able to freely approach God, and God wants us to approach Him, to receive the free gift of eternal life through Christ Jesus, His Son.

When we have established this relationship, what then is our purpose? The name of this blog I’ve entitled, “Real Faith. Lived Out.” I believe that is what God has called each of His children to do. Through the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20), we as followers of Jesus Christ are called to go and make disciples. We are called to go tell people about the life-changing relationship with Jesus that we have experienced, that is available to every individual in this world.

As we go throughout the world doing this and living this out, I believe God is working out to the whole world His blessing through us. We are the vessel God uses to extend His Word, grace, mercy, and Gospel.


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