Perspective is Everything

A week or so ago I was reading and came across a topic that talked about “perspective.” As I was reading it, I realized that PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING. It changes the way we live our lives.

I can view my job as a drag, a chore, just another thing to add onto an already busy schedule. Or I can view it as something that gives me an opportunity to influence people, an opportunity to share with others the life-giving message of Jesus Christ, and a place to speak light and life into dark and hopeless situations.

I can view school as a burden, overwhelming, pointless. Or I can view school as preparation for a lifetime of doing something that God has gifted me in and something I am passionate about.

I am getting married to the love of my life in a few short months and I can view wedding prep as obnoxious, tiring, and time consuming. Or I can view it as setting the table for spending a lifetime with the girl of my dreams.

The choice in how I see things is all up to me. PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING.

As I continued to think about perspective, I realized that everyone wants to be remembered. It occurred to me that those who are well remembered and loved are those who saw others as Christ does. The ones who are remembered are those who speak life into others, who inspire others to live at a level they never thought possible.

Speaking life into people requires seeing them through the eyes of Jesus Christ, seeing the potential of what they could be, and making the decision to be firm and loving enough to hold them to a higher standard. PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING.


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