Distracting Technology…


I love technology. But, it is so distracting.


There is this fine line that exists between using technology well, and technology using you. Sometimes when I am using technology, I enter these almost trance-like states, where I suddenly wake up out of it and realize that I have been scrolling through tweets and clicking on links and laughing at puns and anti-jokes for twenty minutes and now I’m going to be late to work… Hopefully I’m not the only one that’s ever experienced that.

Technology can be really good for us! There are a lot of

amazing things that it does, and yet there is within technology

something addictive, that can potentially steal away our productivity,

our ability to focus and do things well, our desire to get up off

the couch and go outside and have some fun, or even our desire

to sometimes disconnect completely from technology to restore our sanity.

Even with this disparity between being useful and using you, I believe there are some very effective ways to use technology in our lives. There are so many blogs, so many Pinterest posts, Facebook statuses, Twitter conversations, news stories, Vines, YouTube videos, and Snapchats to keep up with, let alone text messages or phone calls.

There is so much technology, so many good things to read, to watch, to study, to laugh at, that we could never hope to read them all, respond to them all, or wrestle through that particularly convicting Facebook status or blog post we just read.

However, I think that technology can help us to be more intelligent, more aware of and in touch with the world around us, if we use it well. I’ve begun to make it my practice to have no wasted moments. Now, this could be taken to the extreme, so be careful. It could make us completely disconnect from everything around us and the people we pass by every day.

But, if I am alone in the car, waiting in a lot of traffic, waiting for food, or in the dentist’s or doctor’s office, I have made it my goal to use technology to my advantage. To listen to podcasts, read articles, catch up on phone calls and text messages, and even take the time to blog.

There are apps for everything that we used to be able to get only on the computer, and they can help us to lead more informed, productive lives (or more detached from reality and ineffective lives, depending on which route you take).

So, think about how you use technology. Could you use it more effectively to enhance your life? Or do you need to maybe take a step back, away from technology and disconnect because it has taken over your life?


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