Our Home! (a year ago)


In honor of us moving this week/weekend into a new home, our first purchased home!!!, I thought I would share this update from almost a year ago. Enjoy reminiscing with us :)


So we have officially made the big move, with the truck and trailer and packed up cars and all that good stuff. We had pretty smooth sailing driving up, no big issues, everything fit in the trailer! The whole moving experience seemed way too easy. We got everything packed up in the perfect amount of time we had alotted to pack up and get headed up to Holland. When we got to Holland we had a lot of helpers (shoutout to Pastors Paul and Trent and their families, and my grandparents and parents and Uncle Kevin, Sherilyn, and Amelia!) and we had everything actually moved into the house in about 45 minutes! Here are some pictures from the day:





Connie and I have been so incredibly blessed throughout our relationship and our lives together and we look forward to all the exciting adventures ahead in our new home as a newly married couple! May 17 will be here before we know it!!


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