I Feel Like an Adult

So over the course of the past week, since the honeymoon, I have spent a great deal of time doing “adult” things. I’ve been figuring out the bills, putting out the trash, buying furniture, getting internet, buying a grill, some dressers, getting a lawnmower, hose, sprinkler, and on the list goes.


Yesterday I spent hours and hours on my knees putting together two dressers. I think I have now discovered where “grown man strength” comes from: anything you buy that says “assembly required.” My forearms are hurting. There are so many tiny little screws and nails and pieces to construct. I have never used a screwdriver so much in my life! And it can’t be power tools, it has to be hand tools. I now have a much greater respect for all the men and women who have ever put together anything, from a swingset for your kids to a dresser or entertainment center in your living room… it is hard work! 


Here are some pictures of my construction (I had to capture the moments that have me feeling like an adult haha):


Now that this project is finished, it is on to the next one! Tomorrow I mow our new lawn for the first time and attempt to put together a grill! This adult thing is hard work. But it pays off in the end :)


One thought on “I Feel Like an Adult

  1. Ben,

    Great post you gave an “old” grown man a few chuckles! I enjoyed your perspective on where grown man strength comes from. I have bookmarked your blog, and I look forward to reading future posts. Glenda and I are praying for you both and we know God has great things ahead for you. We will miss you and Connie being around the house, take care.


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