My top 5 from July 14-20

  1. No matter who we are, where we work, or what we do with our lives, each of us will influence someone. It may be a coworker, a child, a friend, a spouse; the question isn’t who are we influencing, but how are we using the influence we have? This blog post from Pastor Rick Warren talks about the power of influence each of us has, and how to use that influence to build the kingdom of God here on this earth.
  2. Evidently things have been heating up pretty rapidly in Israel. Not that things have ever really been calm over there…but here is a recent article (beware it is a long one) that gives a really strong take on the conflict, and discusses the premise of is peace possible in this area of the world that has been at war almost since Abraham. This article also gives a timeline of events that led up to the most recent clashes in and around Israel.
  3. Finding God’s will is a commonly talked about topic, but do we always handle this question in the right way? There are different tacts people take when answering the question of how to find God’s will, how to live in it, what He wants from us, or how we are supposed to live. This Relevant magazine article (evidently I often read articles from this magazine!) deals with God’s will and how sometimes we go at it the wrong way. I hope this encourages you to live for God wherever you are and to bring Him glory in all that you do!
  4. This is a solid article on leadership. It is not always possible to implement, because often volunteers and leaders are difficult to find. However, the principle in this is a good one for any leadership role, no matter where you might be working. The right people in the right place can take something mediocre and make it great. If you have great vision, then the right people in the right place will change the world because they can carry that vision through to heights never imagined. This is what Jesus Christ did with the disciples. He called 12 men willing to give all they had to follow Him, trained them, and entrusted to them, with the power of the Holy Spirit, to proclaim the Gospel throughout the entire world (Acts 1:8).
  5. This last one is not actually an article, but it is a helpful tool that I have just started using this week for Bible study and taking notes. It’s really helpful! You just create an account using your email address, go to whatever passage you are reading, and you can view a commentary, notes on what the Greek or Hebrew means and how different translations have rendered it, and can make your own notes and have them saved on the site (which you can access from anywhere via your phone or any device with internet capability). It’s been really handy and I look forward to using it more in the future!

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