5 More Articles: 7/21-7/27

  1. Last week I found an article about influence. It was part one of a two part post, and this week the second post has been put up. Rick Warren is a great communicator and pastor, and he writes again about the value of influence and using your influence well. We all influence people…let’s influence them in the right direction!
  2. This article from Jon Acuff is just an encouraging read. He shares a verse that recently impacted him, and sort of dissects it to helpfully apply it to his life and really considers what this verse actually means. Whether or not the article encourages you, I think it is helpful to take his strategy for dissecting verses. With this method of reading the Bible it becomes much more likely that the verse will stick with us throughout the day, and it will make it easier to memorize. That way, when the Enemy comes to attack, we will be ready with our hearts and minds full of Scripture.
  3. This is an article for men (sorry ladies). But, this is a well-written article that discusses a common denominator to why men fail, whether as a father, as a husband, as a friend, as a man of integrity, etc. Ladies, you can read this too and encourage any man you know and love to get involved with a group of like-minded, encouraging, uplifting men who will make him a better person and draw him up to a higher level of living. It is easy for men to be in isolation, because so often it is communicated to us that we need to do things on our own, under our own strength and power, and to ask for help is weak. But, the greatest thing a man can do for his life and his family is to get involved in a small group of men who are headed in the same direction he is: toward a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ.
  4. We all have things we love to do; things that we are passionate about. In this post, Jon Acuff discusses how sometimes the thing we love doing most, has a lot of fear attached with it. Whether through unmet or unrealistic expectations, or fear of failing at the thing we care most about. He offers a simple step to move toward erasing that fear and to help us move into doing the things we love most. Try it out!
  5. I really enjoy reading. It’s one of my favorite things to do and relax with (I know, I’m weird). This article talks about the benefits of reading, especially for leaders, and how it can help us become more influential and intelligent. Reading can really help us become stronger contributors in the kingdom of God, as we are able to give informed comments and intelligent, God-honoring responses, instead of harsh off-the-cuff responses that make Christians seem like some lesser, unintelligent persons. Read this article, and then keep reading so you can start leading.

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