Why are you fearful? (Mark 4:40)

I’ve missed a few days, huh? Looks like the 365 days might stretch into more than 365 days :) but, we will get them all in, Lord willing!


Have you ever gone through something that was outside of your control? Have you been in a situation that was so uncomfortable because there were circumstances going on around you, but you couldn’t really influence them to reach a different outcome?

I think if you’re human, you have experienced you this before. If you’ve ever lived in the Midwest, or driven in the snow and ice in the Midwest, you probably know this feeling well. There are few things that make you feel less in control than driving on ice. When your car starts to slide on the ice, there is nothing you can do. It is beyond your control until the tires can regain some traction in order to steer and regain control.

The disciples in this passage of Mark, in 4:35-40, were following Jesus’ instruction. They were not “outside of God’s will” but were in fact doing exactly what He had asked of them. Sometimes we experience things not because we did something wrong, or sinned, but because we are living in the will of God. Sometimes we encounter storms and trials in life because those are the greatest moments through which we can meet Jesus and actually experience His provision, protection, and love.

Maybe you’re going through a storm right now. Maybe you’re coming out of a storm. Maybe you’re about to head into a storm. I’m not sure what your story is or where you are right now, but wherever you may be, the truth of the matter is this: We never have a reason to be fearful. Why? Because God is with us! Jesus’ name, Immanuel, literally means “God with us” (check out Matthew 1:23).

The way that we can live without fear is through our faith. When our faith is in God, we have no reason to fear. Jesus says in Mark 4:40, “Why are you afraid? Have you still no faith?” (HCSB).

Faith in God can destroy any hint of fear of man or circumstance.

So go. Go in faith. Go and live free from fear.


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