“The fear of the Lord…” (Proverbs 1:7)

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and discipline (Proverbs 1:7, HCSB)

I really enjoy learning. I like reading and studying, but usually only on my own time. When it comes to assigned reading, I am not so excited about it. But, when I get to read on my own time, it is something I really enjoy. It appears that much of life is devoted to the attaining of knowledge and its application.

We pursue degrees, the higher the education the better, and the more prestigious the university the better. We pursue perfection in our jobs–always striving for a better position or promotion and pay raise. Our entire lives are devoted to gaining more knowledge. We have a chance to “learn something new every day.”

The Bible, as it so often does, speaks directly into our pursuits as humans and reveals how in fact we can gain this knowledge and apply it as wisdom. God’s Word does not say that we gain more knowledge by studying harder, going to a better school, or spending more time in the library or out on crazy adventures. God’s prescription for the gaining of knowledge is simply to be in awe of the One who gives wisdom and the One from Whom all knowledge is derived.

Fear of the Lord

Why not be in awe of the Source of all knowledge? The fear of the Lord is a reverential awe and understanding of His sovereignty and power. He is all-knowing, all-powerful, and ever present with each of us. He desires a relationship with us and He wants us to gain knowledge.

Why else would God tell us how to get knowledge and wisdom if He didn’t want us to have it? So apply His strategy for gaining wisdom and put your fear in the right place! Have a healthy fear, awe, respect for Who God is and spend time getting to know Him. I guarantee it’ll positively impact your life and the lives of those who interact with you!


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