Do something a little bit different today

Life is pretty great when it comes to holidays and breaks. We get holidays off from school and work. We get sick days and personal days. Sometimes we get an hour for lunch, or we can show up late because of a flexible schedule. The longer we work, the more PTO we can build up and take a nicer vacation and even get paid while taking time off. If you’re a teacher or a student, you get the whole summer off. Life is full of these “breaks” or “holidays.”

But there is one part of life that does not allow us to take a break: our spiritual life. There is no end to temptation and no end to the enemy “looking for someone to devour” (1 Pet. 5:8).

Martyn Lloyd-Jones said, “You are always on duty in the Christian life. There is no such thing as a holiday in the spiritual realm.” He was talking about this in regard to spiritual warfare and taking off spiritual armor.

The longer we go with no time off and no vacation or reprieve, the more tired and apathetic we can become. It takes a time of refreshing to really continue on and persevere in something. A football game doesn’t go for four straight quarters, but has a halftime where the teams can take a breather, rebuild their game plan, and come out the second half hoping to either do better or continue the good play they had been doing.

Sometimes in life we need to have this sort of halftime, or even just a timeout. We need to selfishly guard time to ourselves, and intentionally choose to make time that we are alone. We need to use this time to refresh our relationship with God and get our minds and hearts set back right on course toward Christ.

Have you gotten knocked off course? Have you spent so long without a timeout or a halftime that you’re dragging through life instead of taking life head on?

do-something-different_designDo something a little bit different today.

Take the time to do something different. Take a moment and pray. Find a moment away from the noise and distraction and read the Bible.

Purposefully choose to do something a little bit different today…something that fills you up and refreshes you to live out your faith in a more real and active way.


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