A little pick-me-up this morning!

I hope you enjoy this Tuesday morning encouragement!

What is Tuesday? It’s not Monday. Mondays are the start of the week, the end of most people’s weekends where they had time off and now they begin again the drudgery of the weekly schedule. No more free time at the cottage, less time to do household chores, and more things packed into a 5-day schedule than can actually be accomplished. It’s common to hate Mondays.

Then there is Wednesday. Hump Day. When we make it to this day we’ve successfully made it halfway through the week and another weekend is on the horizon. We can see the end of the week because we’ve made it over the hump.

Thursday is kind of like Tuesday. It’s an in-between day. Not the best, not the worst, just a pit stop on the road to Friday afternoon!

Then we finally make it to Friday! We get to wear casual clothes and maybe even finish work or school a little early, and we sneak out as quickly as possible. FINALLY THE WEEKEND!! monday-to-friday-workweek-graphic

But then the weekend ends and we go through this cycle all over again.

Now, this is the normal cycle. I get it, and I often feel this way coming down the road to Thursday and Friday, I’m ready for a day to sleep in a little bit longer and have some time to get things done around the house that I hadn’t been able to do during the week. But is this cycle necessary? Is it life-giving? Is it exciting, filling us with a desire to work hard and work well?

Today, on a random, in-betweener Tuesday, what if you lived like it was Friday? Bring that energy and excitement that Friday brings, knowing it is almost the weekend, to your every day, and your Friday will be just that much better. Live every day intentionally. Be joyful on purpose. Take the initiative to make your own cycle, and don’t fall into the drudgery of horrible Mondays, pretty good Wednesdays, and great Fridays.

You’re still alive and kicking, so why not make today (and every day) the best day by intentionally choosing to have the right attitude, to add value to those around you, and to give your personal best in whatever endeavor you find yourself in? Try it. See what happens!


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