Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself

Life can be pretty hectic. Our schedules get busy, our calendars get full, our days go quickly. Time flies!

With this busyness, life can kind of stop being fun if we let it. We start to get serious and stressed and task oriented. There are things we have to get done but there never seems to be enough time. The holidays are coming up and just add to the craziness. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ll probably be there again later this week. It’s cyclical.

But the thing is, we can’t take ourselves too seriously. We can’t be so busy and stressed and worried about money or getting to the dentist or doing the dishes or mowing the lawn or finishing homework or some chore that we let tasks take the joy out of life.

I was reminded of the hilarity of life this past Sunday. I had asked to make an announcement about our college group at the church, and so first and second service I had a time slot to go up on stage and talk about our group. The first service was totally normal, nothing too crazy happened. But then came the second service.

I got out of my seat and was walking up the stairs as the song was finishing up. So the crowd wasn’t super focused on me and what I was doing, but something new had entered their line of sight, so I’m sure it caught the attention of a good amount. As I got to the top step, I must have not been paying very close attention, because my foot got caught and I stumbled. I caught myself so I didn’t fall flat on my face, but I definitely tripped going up the stairs in front of a whole crowd!

keep-calm-laugh-at-yourselfSo when it came time to make my announcement, I just owned it and let everyone know that yep, I did indeed trip over that top step! We all had a good laugh and moved on with the announcement.

After I was done on stage, I came down and some of the students were laughing at me, and I was like, “Hey, we just gotta have some fun up there!”

It reminded me that when life gets crazy and busy and stressful, we need to have a good laugh at our own expense. It keeps things in perspective, keeps us moving forward, and just releases some tension.

So go have some fun today, laugh at yourself, and release a little stress :)


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