Life Lessons from “Creed” (Part 1)

Last week I went to see the movie “Creed.” If you haven’t seen it yet, you should probably stop what you’re doing and go watch it right now. It’s the latest movie in the “Rocky” franchise, and it is another great addition. It is better than Rocky IV or V for sure. Whether you enjoy boxing or not, the principles in this movie, the hard work and dedication, are inspirational. Growing up, if I ever needed inspiration or encouragement to go workout or get hyped before a game or something, listening to the “Rocky” soundtrack was always a good option. “Eye of the Tiger” is a great song! Even listening to some of the motivational speeches from the movies on YouTube will change your life in a positive way.
Over the course of the next few blogs I post, I want to share some quality quotes from the movie that I pray will bring encouragement and hope to your life, as well as challenging you to grow and move forward in the right direction. That is a great passion of mine, and something I desire in myself and those I am able to impact. I want us to grow and not stay still. I want us to move forward and not backward or side to side. I want to see action plans and goal setting and a singular focus on pursuing Christ as we go through life. That is a large part of the reason why I blog.
Here is the first quote from “Creed”:
“You can’t learn anything talking. You know that? It’s a fact of life.”
Rocky is giving this advice to the young Adonis Creed who keeps talking and mouthing off and talking big to the other boxes and coaches around him. Rocky reminds him that he can’t learn by talking. He needs to stop, be quiet, and receive wisdom and instruction. Ultimately that is his only hope in succeeding is to stop talking and listen to those who have been there, who have the experience, and who know what they are talking about.
I’m not sure where you are at in life, but you can constantly learn from those around you. Access to books, blogs, podcasts, and all sorts of information is at an all-time high. There is no reason not to learn. And, as John Maxwell wisely proclaims, leaders are learners.
What can you do to learn? Take the time to slow down, turn off the music, stop talking, and start listening. After all, as many of us have heard before, God gave us one mouth but two ears, so we should listen (at least) twice as often as we speak. This is a good principle for learning and growing in any area we want to. The Bible says in James 1:19 that we should be “…quick to hear, slow to speak…”
listenIf it is at work with a new program or assignment, take the time to ask questions, and then listen. If it is spiritual growth you desire, take the time to sit and listen; listen to the Word, listen to a preacher; listen to God in prayer instead of just talking at Him. If it is personal growth, take the time to find a mentor and ask good questions so you can sit back and glean wisdom as you listen.
The unspoken warning behind this is to be careful who you are listening to. Rocky was advising Creed to listen to the best in the business, those who had a proven track record and knew what they were talking about. This is a great place to start.
This is a powerful principle for all of us. Today, take the time to sit back and listen. Don’t do all the talking and don’t allow distractions to get in the way of actively listening.
Take the time to listen. It really can only benefit your life.

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