Underdog stories

There is something about an underdog story that gets everyone excited. I think of stories like Miracle, in the 1980 Winter Olympics defeating Russia in hockey in a huge upset. Or a story like Michael Oher, which you can read about or watch in The Blind Side, where he had no money, friends, family, or hope, and became a starting offensive linemen in the NFL. Maybe you, like me, love the story of the Spartans versus the Persians (300). A small band of incredibly insane warriors, the Spartans, took on the might of the entire Persian army. They did not survive, but they were basically the only reason the Persian empire was defeated as they tried to take over Athens and Greece, etc.

Whatever your favorite underdog story, there is a common thread that I think runs through all underdog, come-from-behind, comeback stories. That thread is a single word that packs a ton of power: RESILIENCE.

Resilience sign with a desert backgroundI was watching ESPN on Monday and the story that I heard about I felt like I just had to write something for. The Kansas City Chiefs are an underdog story. They are a come-from-behind tale that is making history. They started the NFL season with a record of 1-5. That is 1 win and 5 losses. Not a good start in any sport!

Since their horrible start, the Kansas City Chiefs have been undefeated. That’s right. They’ve won 9 games in a row! According to ESPN, there is only one other team since 1970 (Cincinnati Bengals) to start off so poorly and make it to the playoffs. As the Chiefs are making history, there is one thing (though I’m sure many more than just this one), that is helping them be successful. RESILIENCE.

re·sil·ience NOUN
“the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness”
This is why underdogs are able to do what they do. This is how losing teams make a comeback. They recover quickly from difficulties and push forward. They don’t give up. They don’t get discouraged. They don’t let losing define them. Instead, they recover quickly from difficulties.
I don’t know what you may be going through right now, but the key to your comeback, the essential quality for your underdog victory, is to be resilient. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Keep pushing forward. Life gets hard. That’s just the way it is.
In life you’ll never regret moving forward toward learning and growth. Be resilient and move forward.

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