What’s the value of experience?

There are some things that I would rather read about than personally experience. For example, I recently read a very moving blog about a widower who had removed his ring, and the process of that. I don’t ever want to have to experience that.

Yet there are other things in life that I desperately want to experience. They are things for which mere words cannot describe well enough. I would love to climb a mountain, to take an Alaskan cruise, to write a book, maybe even run a marathon. These are things that reading about or seeing pictures of is not good enough. They are things I want to experience. They are things that I know today I need to take steps toward doing in my life, or else it may just be too late by the time I get around to it.

Here’s a quote I read recently about “experience”:

“Experience is more than a great teacher, it is a great resume that qualifies all of us to make judgments, decisions, and choices that we can trust and that others can trust. Even our failures can occur with passion and confidence because we know they are the fruit of our previous self, the evidence of our unknowing, the mistakes we need to make in order to know we’ve made a mistake, the necessary preface to new insights and awarenesses.”

What is something that you maybe have read about or seen pictures of that you want to experience? Why not start taking steps today to help that come true in your life? Obviously, these are not sinful experiences being talked about here, but experiences that glorify and honor God and help us to fully experience joy and fulfillment in life. Maybe it’s experiencing a new job, taking a trip, going skydiving, or giving more than 10% to your church and trusting God in that.

Experience as teacherWhatever it might be for you, experience is a great teacher. We learn things by doing that we can never learn by reading or hearing about. So go out and experience something, and learn from it. Do something out of your comfort zone. Share Christ. Stop someone and pray for them right then and there. Add value to someone’s life by going out of your way to be kind and caring. Give a listening ear.

Even in failure we can experience a learning moment and move forward to new insights and awarenesses. What experiences can you make happen today to better your life and someone else’s? Don’t let anything hold you back. Go and do!


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