What’s the big deal about that?

Recently I was listening to A Minute With Maxwell, and he had a pretty convicting word on there. Have you ever listened to John Maxwell? He puts out a daily video where he talks for a minute or two about a certain word that someone has submitted. Obviously, some days are more applicable than others, and the one I just listened to was one of those things that makes you internally be like, “Oh man…that one hurt. Why’d I have to listen to that? Now I need to do something about it…”

The word of the day was “PROCRASTINATION..” pardon my French. It’s almost a bad word, isn’t it? This word has made up so much of my life that we are like old friends. When I think back to high school or college, those all-nighters, or cramming before a test, I was pretty good at procrastination. I would wait until the last possible minute and then do something.

ProcrastinationBut the problem was, when I procrastinated, the quality of my work suffered pretty heavily. I was not doing things well, and I was not doing things with much investment of myself. One of the biggest deals here is this: “When we procrastinate, we sacrifice quality.” This applies to studying for a test, writing a paper, working on a project at work, preparing for a lesson, or developing a product or giving a service for a customer or company. The longer we wait, the more rushed we will be when that particular thing is due.

Another big deal of this is what John Maxwell said: “What I have learned about procrastination is that it never works and that there is never a convenient moment.” So how do we combat it? He goes on and says, “People who are highly successful have disciplined themselves, and they’ve conquered the habit of procrastination, and they know the power of initiating. Do it now.”

NowSee, when procrastination hits, things just build up and build up and build up, and we’re playing catch up but we never really catch up. What if today we decided to stop procrastinating and start doing? Start with something small, go and do it. And then work your way up to some of the bigger things you’ve wanted to do. Maybe it’s writing a book or starting a business. Start somewhere. The end of procrastination in your life could turn into a very big deal.


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