Do you remember your first car?

What was your first car? Do you remember it? I’m sure you made some great memories in that car! One of the first cars I ever had was a little white Ford Ranger. It was a manual truck and it had no cruise control. At the time I loved it! I still remember when I first was learning to drive it, it was a clear day, and it was the first time I was driving a manual transmission. My dad and I were practicing in the church parking lot, and it was a clear, sunny day. After a little while my dad told me to drive home. A couple minutes after pulling onto the road, a crazy thunderstorm hit, and it was so bad I could hardly see out the front windshield! I had just learned to drive it, and now was the first real test (we made it home safe, just in case you were worried :)).
Back to the fact that it had no cruise control… I love driving manual and I didn’t really take long trips with the truck, so cruise control wasn’t much of an issue. I do vividly remember this one time, though, when my sister was attending Taylor University, I drove that manual truck down to Taylor from our hometown in Mishawaka. The drive is only a little over two hours, but without cruise control and having to keep a foot on the gas pedal the entire time, my right leg was almost numb when we got there. It was a grueling drive! I was not looking forward to driving it home!
But what in the world does this have to do with Christianity, you might wonder? Well, at first glance, not much. When we take a closer look, though, I think it has a lot to do with it.
It has to do with comfort. Cruise control is a luxury. Not all cars have it, but you know when you don’t have it. Taking a long trip without cruise control can literally be painful.
The Christian life really needs to be a life that does not have cruise control. There should never be a time when we’re not pressing the gas, when we’re not growing, when we’re not pressing forward.
We should never get stuck in comfort with these control on. When cruise control is on, the only thing pushing or driving us forward is the mechanics of the car. There is no real work being done, and it is much easier to be distracted, to text and drive, or to take in the scenery around you. In Christianity, on cruise control, the only thing driving or pushing us forward is a habitual obedience, just doing what we’ve always done (whether that is good or bad).
Are you surviving on cruise control today? Did you know we were made to thrive and live an abundant, joy-filled life through the power of Jesus Christ? A life that is uncomfortable, but full of power; a life that is extraordinarily out of the ordinary, but full of passion; a life that is seen as weird, but is full of purpose.
Take off the cruise control and live with power, passion, and purpose for the glory and Name of Jesus Christ! You’ll never regret it!

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