What is it about relationships?

Last week I wrote a post about how busy we all are. The post ended with a focus on relationships. But what is it that is so powerful about relationships? Why are they such a big deal? Why do we need them?

You and me, we are wired for connection. Far down in the depths of who you are and who I am, we desired connection with other people. We want to know and be known. Yes, it is scary to be vulnerable with other people, but there is also something so freeing when we are able to be our true selves around other people.

It’s so easy and so common to build walls. It’s almost just expected that we build walls between us and the people we work with, us and the people we hang out with, and even keep some walls up with your significant other or spouse.

Why? I think there is a strategic purpose behind this. We have a very real enemy who very seriously wants us to be disconnected. We have so many outlets for venting ourselves, so many things in our lives that give us an illusion of true connection with other people, yet so many of us are still empty and lonely because we do not genuinely open up and be vulnerable with the people around us.

We need good friends. We need to be a good friend. Life is too hard to do it alone, or to only do it with the people who are your Facebook “friends.” The Tuesday Challenge today is to begin building a genuine friendship. Call someone instead of texting or emailing, set a coffee date, and hang out for an hour or two just sharing your heart and then taking the time to listen. It’ll do something powerful in your life that you have to experience in order to really be able to understand.

Try it out. Let me know how it goes!


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