The most impactful thing we can do today

Recently I started re-reading a book called The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do by Mark Miller. It is an excellent book, and a very easy read. I would encourage anyone to read it, whether you think you’re a leader or not! It is definitely worth your time.

Mark Miller writes in the book and shares a secret he has discovered about a great leader. The secret is really the most impactful thing you and I can do today: serve. Great leaders serve. That is the secret (*spoiler alert*).

But what does this mean? What does it look like? Really, when I think of serving, I can’t help but think of humility. It takes humility to serve other people. It takes humility to take the focus off of myself and see that people around me actually might need help and might need someone to serve them. It could be seeing someone that has their hands full and opening the door for them. It could be helping someone reach something on a top shelf in the grocery store. It could be picking up trash off the side of the street. It could be cleaning up some kind of mess even if it wasn’t you that made the mess. It could mean letting your brother or sister use something first. It could just mean taking the time to be quiet and listen to someone else talk for a little bit.

serveHowever it works out in your life today, the most impactful thing you can do is look at how you can be a servant to those around you. Whether you are a CEO or unemployed, you can live out this leadership principle and make someone else’s life just a little sweeter. People respond to kindness. You and I taking the time to serve people with humility may be the exact bridge God is trying to build so we can impact this world with the Gospel.

Go and serve. I will too. Share a story of what happens!


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