What’s the plan?

When it comes down to it, everything requires a plan doesn’t it? Today you woke up and you followed a plan. Whatever your morning routine, it’s usually a premeditated plan that you follow to get ready and out of the house on time. I have one too. From waking up, getting that first morning cup of coffee, eating breakfast, showering, brushing my teeth, getting dressed and ready for the day, packing my bag up, kissing my wife, and getting in my car to drive to work. That’s my fairly consistent daily plan for the morning.

The same is true when you get to work or school. There is a plan for the day. School is pretty straightforward: you go to your assigned classes, do the assigned reading and tasks, and follow the teacher’s plan. At work, often you follow the boss’s plan or the company’s plan for your particular job in the organization.

Action Plan - Man on Arrow Over WordsAction plans. There are everywhere we go every day. We do almost nothing without them. But something I’ve noticed in my life is that there is at least one particular place where action plans are not very welcome: CHANGE. When something needs to change in my life, and I know something needs to change, it usually takes too long to actually change. That’s because I don’t make a plan, because that plan will make me do something uncomfortable and the change will have to become all too real.

But really, we all have things that need to change, don’t we? We have bad habits, negative moods, poor reactions and attitudes at times. We believe something false, we get stuck in a routine or pattern. Nothing changes, nothing different really happens without a plan.

The Tuesday Challenge today is to identify one thing in your life, one bad habit, one bad attitude, one negative feeling, and change it. Don’t just wish it would go away, wish you didn’t feel that way, wish you didn’t keep giving in to something. Identify just one thing, and then make a plan to change it. Whatever it takes. Root it out. Get it out of your life. Make an action plan today so that your life tomorrow will be just a little bit better.

And then let me know how it goes! I would love to hear back about how this impacted you :)



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