Experience a blessed life

This past Sunday I had the privilege of preaching at Calvary (if you want to listen, you can follow the link here to the audio). We explored Psalm 1, where there are these two different ways described by the author: the righteous (or blessed) way and the wicked way. As I was studying and researching this Psalm, a couple of things impacted me more deeply, and that is what I want to share this morning.

The first thing that really redirected my understanding of this Psalm is recognizing that living a blessed life, in reference specifically to the Hebrew term ‘esher used at the beginning of verse 1, is a direct result of the actions of our life. Galatians 6:7 says that we reap what we sow. Whatever actions we sow in our life, we reap the outcome. Whatever we plant in our lives, good things or bad things, we eventually experience the result of them. That is what “blessed” is referring to here. The Psalmist lists some things to avoid and some things to cultivate in order to experience that blessing.

The second thing that caught my attention and really impacted me is one of the things the Psalmist advises us to cultivate is a delight in the Law of the Lord. This is a deep desire, a longing, or intense emotional connection with the Bible. It is a falling in love with the Bible, having a strong desire to read and spend time in the Bible, and longing to make it a part of our daily life. This is more than just something we like doing, it is something we love and think about and constantly are doing.

Today’s Tuesday Challenge is this: If you want to experience a blessed life, a deep-rooted joy, then you must cultivate a desire for the Bible. Pray that God would increase your longing for the Bible, spend time diving into it. Maybe even memorize Psalm 1 or read and study a specific book of the Bible (like the book of John, for example). Do this and it will change your life.

Cultivating a longing for the Word of God is the difference between living a blessed life and not.


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