What fills you up?

There are certain things I do on a daily or weekly basis that don’t get me excited about life. They don’t get me to wake up early, so full of excitement that I can’t wait to do them. One of those things is taking out the trash and the recycling. We keep our recycling in the garage which is behind our house and doesn’t have a paved walk way to get there. So if it’s wintertime or happens to be raining, we may go an extra week without taking the recycling out because to me it’s not worth the trip. Another thing is doing the dishes. Dirty dishes have to be a result of the Fall. They are the worst! But, a sink full of dirty dishes is stressful, so I do the dishes (sometimes…just as a last resort :)).

I get it. There are things we have to do each week, and sometimes daily, that don’t fill us up. They aren’t energizing or super fulfilling or satisfying. But they need to get done, so we do them.

6973368368d826531ead9d800d189f16The question for you today, though, is what fills you up? What energizes you? What do you absolutely love doing?
I think too much of our lives is spent doing things that exhaust and drain us, and not enough time doing the very things that make us feel like life is so exciting and worth living. It’s those things that fill us up that I think God specifically wired us to do. They can even become a form of worship to God, because we are doing the very thing He created us for. Often this takes the form of a hobby or something we do outside of work, but hopefully the thing that you get paid to do is something that fills you up. If it’s not, maybe you need a job change. It’s scary and it’s risky, but it might be the thing that opens up opportunities for ministry and sharing Christ that you would never have known about unless you took a step of faith.ab9f8cea936472746926892f5c171c78

Find the thing that fills you up and do it. It’s worth it. It brings focus, purpose, and direction to life. It encourages, energizes, and excites. Figure out what your “thing” is and praise God through it!


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