Jesus & Stress

Stress. It’s a dominant part of our daily lives, whether teenager, child, or parent. Stress over schoolwork, sports, jobs, and friends. Not to mention the stress that home life can cause. We juggle so many responsibilities and deal with so much pressure and expectations. How can we lead our students to deal with stress in a godly, Christ-centered way? Good thing Jesus had a ton to say about this.

We’re jumping in to a new study entitled Jesus and Stress. Over the course of the next four weeks, our students will learn to trust God with the stress of life; that he or she has a choice when it comes to dealing with his or her stress; that choosing to trust God with his or her stress is the right decision even if he or she don’t understand exactly what God is doing; and that the Holy Spirit is present in his or her life to give him or her peace and comfort.

We are looking forward to learning with our teenagers what Jesus teaches us about dealing with our stress.

Parents, to prepare to engage with your teenager, think about doing the following:

  • Pray for your teenager and the group of friends in his or her Bible study group
  • Think about some of your struggles and victories in how you dealt with stress in your own life during your teen years and be ready to share those with your teenager
  • Consider leading your teenager to think of a way the two of you can show the love of Christ to others in the form of a ministry action before the series is over.